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Hilton Music UK - songs made for singing!

 Welcome to Hilton Music UK, representing the songs of lyricist Georgina Hilton and the composers / musicians she's co-written with over the years, in many styles. 
Hilton Music Selection (click the player above)   
(1)     'I KNOW THE MOVES'  words by Georgina Hilton , music by Nino Errico (Autumn Road Studios)  
(2)     'CONFUSION'  words by Georgina Hilton , music by Graham Clifford
(3)     'LOVE IN DISGUISE' words by Georgina Hilton , music by Brian Cunningham
(4)     'SWEET MEMORY'  words by Georgina Hilton , music by Nino Errico (Autumn Road Studios)
(5)     ‘THE WESTERN WAY’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Howard A. Burns
(6)     ‘DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY!’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Brian Cunningham
(7)     'THAT LOOK' words by Georgina Hilton , music by Nino Errico (Autumn Road Studios) 
(8)     'DOWN TO ME' words: Georgina Hilton , music: Michael Patrick Faltin '
(9)     ‘WHAT D’YA SAY?’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Nino Errico (Autumn Road Studios) 
(10)   'I WILL BE THERE' words by Georgina Hilton , music by David Whitmey
(11)   ‘GUESS WHO?’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Brian Cunningham, arranged by Simon A. Gardner (Rockcliffe Studios)
(12)   ‘DO WHAT YOU DO’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Nino Errico (Autumn Road Studios)
(13)   ‘MISSING YOU, BABE’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Brian Cunningham
(14)   ‘LIKE THE FIRST TIME’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Norman Allison
(15)   ‘SOMETHING WRONG’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Nino Errico (Autumn Road Studios)
(16)   ‘THE MOVING FINGER’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Eric Miller 
(17)   ‘THE PRICE’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Allen Thomasson
(18)   ‘I REMEMBER ME’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Norman Allison
(19)   ‘MAKE A MOVE’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Graham Clifford
(20)   ‘SEE ME NOW’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Brian Cunningham
(21)   ‘HEADS OR TAILS?’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Gae Malaponti, arranged by Simon A. Gardner (Rockcliffe Studios)
(22)   ‘DANCING IN MY BEDROOM’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Brian Cunningham
(23)   ‘SO I SAY’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Brian Cunningham
(24)   ‘YOU’RE SPECIAL’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Nino Errico (Autumn Road Studios)
(25)   ‘CAN YOU TRUST A GATOR?’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Allen Thomasson
(26)   ‘YOU’VE STILL GOT ME’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Norman Allison
(27)   ‘FALLEN’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Nino Errico (Autumn Road Studios)
(28)   ‘LOVE’S WORTH WAITING FOR’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Howard A. Burns
(29)   ‘ON THIS DAY’ words by Georgina Hilton , music by Eric Miller 
(30)   '(‘CAUSE) YOU BELIEVED IN ME' words by Georgina Hilton , music by David Whitmey.
© all songs are copyright by the respective writers, all rights reserved, represented by Hilton Music UK
Georgina Hilton, lyricist and songwriter at Hilton Music UK

Georgina Hilton

Georgina always had a 'way with words' and a vivid imagination, writing stories and poems from an early age, so lyrics and  ideas for 'hooks' are her specialities.  She penned her first song at the age of 8 - and that's a very long time ago!, but she can still remember nervously 'singing' her masterpiece, squeezed into a coin-operated recording booth and proudly emerging with her 'demo' on a tiny floppy red vinyl disc!.  Those were the days...
Once a songwriter, always a songwriter, but it took many years (and tears) to perfect her craft the hard way, collecting those  dreaded  'rejection slips'  in the 'Songwriter's School of Hard Knocks' - songwriting is certainly a challenging  and, at times,  an infuriating  business!
After a break of over 10 years, she was persuaded to return to the songwriting scene at the end of 2012  by Florida producer and long-time contact and supporter Wil Baskin (who, sadly, has since died, a great loss).

Many good songs were signed away to publishers in the past, with nothing in return, and there were no rights of reversion, so the copyrights could not be re-claimed, that was a painful lesson (new writers beware, many of these contracts can be a complete rip-off!)  So, as a qualified lawyer, Georgina formed Hilton Music Publishing in 2012 (PRS /MCPS registered CAE 688414997) to work through her remaining back catalogue, and ensure better control over what happens in the future. Happy to assign songs to publishers with the right connections, but will always insist now on a legal right to recover the copyrights if nothing materialises within an agreed period, so that the songs are not lost forever.
Once back in the business, she was soon busy writing again!  Although she can 'play' and 'sing' the melodies perfectly in her head, she has never been able to master an instrument (and it's not for the want of trying) and her singing is truly appalling!  Getting the lyrics just right can be hard work, many hours, sometimes weeks, of brainstorming, and some 'blood, sweat and tears'!. The best ideas often come bubbling up from the subconscious at the most inconvenient times, hence she never goes anywhere without a notebook and a mini-recorder nearby. Georgina is a writer member of both PRS and MCPS (CAE: 685882483) and a member of the International Songwriters Association, as well as other relevant organisations.
Recent work has included three co-writes with long-time friend
Chrissy Sykes - 'Shadow' - featured here, 'Magical World' (a song designed for children), and 'Send Me A Kiss For Christmas' - featured here . With Brian Cunningham, another long-time friend and co-writer from the days of 'When You Talk To Your Dog' - featured here , a new song 'One' - featured here has been written with the theme weddings and anniversaries in mind ('a day to remember, the glow will live on'). With accomplished French composer and musician Eric Miller three songs emerged in semi-classical style, 'The Journey' - featured here , plus a wedding song 'On This Day' and an intriguing story line 'The Moving Finger'.  With Geoff Ashford 'Butterfly Days' a song designed specifically for young girl singers who need 'age appropriate' lyrics, as many themes are far too adult.
Georgina has also tried writing a couple of songs entirely herself, with the brilliant assistance of
Nigel Cuff Music to interpret her rough ideas (Nigel deserves a medal his patience!) and the vocals of US singer David Cagle on 'The Spirit Of The Tiger (Win!)' - featured here a song intended for motivation and all competitive sports, and 'Don't Judge' - featured here a song against prejudice and discrimination of all kinds, a call for everyone everywhere to simply 'live and let live' and stop judging others who, for whatever reason, are perceived as being 'different'.  
Also featured are a song from the back catalogue:  'Down To Me' - featured here  co-written with US composer Michael Patrick Faltin (BMI), against poverty and inequality in the world, and finally, as a bit of fun, Georgina's composition on the PC one day when she was playing about with royalty-free samples, entitled 'We're An Item' - featured here - an unashamedly crazy, c-r-a-z-e-e track!!
Funds permitting, further songs are planned for 2014. Meanwhile, the daily grind of 'pitching' continues! It's an increasingly tough business, as there are so many songs chasing every lead, so it can be hard to even get a hearing these days. The hope is that, with perseverance and a little bit of luck, we will land the right song, in the right place, at the right time. We are always interested in connecting with aspiring singers who need original material for practice, performance and demos, and we will gladly supply any of the backing tracks for this purpose - please email Georgina at  
our motto is: "Our songs are made for singing"

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